The Robots are Coming: Impact of AI on Job Market

The Robots are Coming: Impact of AI on Job Market

AI, ChatGPT, Open AI… I’m sure your ears must have been perked up after hearing this terms from past few months. Ever since ChatGPT has launched, everyone are using AI to automate their as much as they can and trying to figure out to use more out of it!

Let us first go through with what exactly AI means and then will dive more in-depth about it:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that helps us automate our work, can use it for many reasons such as visual perception, speech recognization, video creation, writing blogs, fraud detection and so on. In simple words AI is development of systems that can perform human like tasks.

The rise of AI has been most significant rapidly growing technology in 21st century. There are several branches of AI, including machine learning, computer vision, algorithms, Natural language processing (NLP), deep learning.

Are Jobs at Risk with the rise of AI?

jobs at risk with AI
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The rise of AI might bring some changes to the job market, but this will be risk-free. Some jobs may become automated but this is were a new job arises to monitor, and in many other fields (will mention opportunities below, only for YOU)

Jobs that includes routine task, automation of some stuff like messages and automation can include so much of things, including jobs like manufacturing, customer service, etc. I see huge growth in machine learning, AI development, AI assisting after the boom of AI, making more paths for folks.

But the only thing that will be needed that one should learn required specialized skills and knowledge. Also it is important to stay updated and informed about the changes in the market and move in the following direction as per the demand.

After the launch of ChatGPT, people saying it will ruin their lives… xp

Opportunities in the Age of AI: New Jobs and Industries

There are tremendous opportunities in this AI era, just you need to be quick mover and acquire as much as skills you can. I see it has personally created many money making opportunities for me even for the guy like me who is a college student, why won’t it do for you?

Below I will provide two opportunities I’m personally using recently:

  1. Blog Writing/ Article Writing: This has became a top notch for me, as I’m providing the services with it and doing freelancing from past few years.

    Many People are saying ChatGPT has killed content writers, I laugh at them as I would say it has create huge opportunities for bloggers and content writers, because genuine bloggers and experts are seeking for human written content, personal experience, expertise. It helped me increase my rates at my work for providing genuine service, would recommend please go through it.
  2. Script Writing: AI is creating new opportunities for scriptwriters in areas such as virtual reality, interactive storytelling, data-driven storytelling, YouTube video Scriptwriting.

    To take the advantage of this script writer’s needs to stay up to date with latest trends, AI technologies which other people from their fields are using.

Small table about future job opportunities:

Industry/ FieldEmerging Jobs
FinanceFinance Analyst, Fraud Detection, AI investment Advisor
Customer ServiceChatBot Developer, Virtual Customer Service, AI Call Center
EducationAI Education, Online Courses, AI learning advisor
HealthcareAI Healthcare specialists, Healthcare Data Analyst

Strategies for preparing for AI era

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AI + Human= Great Collaboration

Considering, AI used by human to save time, automate work and get more out of it can led to the best Collaboration. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and if both gets compatibly with it it will be the most successful application ever.

For preparing for the AI era I will first recommend you to develop your mindset, this is the one thing which you must have to develop at early stage. Improving your skills, knowledge and mindset are the basic things to upgrade and outgrow from other’s.

Here are some more specific steps and strategies you can use that will help you prepare for the future work:

  • Innovation: AI can’t be able to think and be innovative as humans so there’s no doubt it will not be able to replace humans for this. Individual’s should come up with the skills and leverage the AI technology with the solutions.
  • Building Expertise in Domain: While AI is increasingly in an incredible way, one should gain as much as knowledge and get upto the mark of expert in particular domain. Expertise will help individuals to add value insights that AI can’t replace.
  • Seeking new Opportunities & Stay Updated: Staying updated will bring you opportunity whether your considering AI or not, as now a days world is growing drastically with technology and keeping in mind one should stay updated and look for opportunities around him to work with AI system.
  • Develop some technical skills: AI needs some soft skills including technical skills such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Programming, etc. One should consider taking some courses, developing and grabbing certificates in the particular field to develop required skills.

Let’s Conclude

In Conclusion, to be very honest we are at very early stage to consider that AI will replace humans. In my personal point of view it won’t, because AI might replace some of the Jobs and create an automation but it will also increase jobs in some fields (humas will be required to manage the AI technology) like software development, analysis, AI research.

Ultimately the success of AI and replace our Job market will depend on how fast would we shift to the opportunity and adapt more skills, and find ways to harness the power of AI to deal with the challenges.

(Let’s end the blog with very serious question) ChatGPT is asking something, let me know in the comment!

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